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Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna.


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The main role of the IQAC is to function as the advisory body to the Faculty Board to ensure that the faculty achieves and maintains the best standards of quality as an institution of higher education.  

Our Team

IQAC Members


  • Prof. Gayani Alwis (Chairperson)
  • Dr. Pabasara Kalansuriya (Secretary)
  • Prof. C.K.Bodhinayake (Senate appointed member for IQAC, Head/Me & SDU)
  • Prof. K.D.Mahinda (Chairperson/CRC)
  • Prof. Thyagi Ponnamperuma (Convener/CD & EC)
  • Prof. Amaranath Karunanayake (Head/IT Unit)
  • Prof. N.D. Liyanarachchi (Academic Warden)
  • Dr. P.M.Rodrigo (Academic Warden)
  • Dr. P.P. Jayawardena (Head/Dept. of Paediatrics & Deputy Senior Student Counselor)
  • Prof. Manjula Hettiarachchi (Senate appointed member for IQAC, Head/NMU)
  • Dr. D.R. Palangasinghe (University Medical Officer designated)
  • Prof. Eisha Waidyarathne (Head/Dept. of Anatomy)
  • Dr. G.E.D. De Zoysa (Head/Dept. of Biochemistry)
  • Prof. R.S.J. Lenora (Head/Dept. of Physiology)
  • Dr. S.S.Wickramasinghe (Head/Dept. of Microbiology)
  • Prof. T. C. Yahathugoda (Head/Dept. of Parasitology)
  • Prof. Champa J. Wijesinghe (Dept. of Community Medicine)
  • Prof. Janaki Warushahennadi (Head/Dept. of Forensic Medicine)
  • Prof. Chandana Wickramaratne (Dept. of Pathology)
  • Prof. Gayani Liyanage (Head/Dept. of Pharmacology)
  • Prof. Arosha Dissanayake (Head/Dept. of Medicine)
  • Dr. M.F.M. Rameez (Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology)
  • Dr. Gayani Punchihewa (Head/Dept. of Psychiatry)
  • Dr. Rasanga Gunawardena (Dept. of Surgery)
  • Dr. Chamin Weerasekara (Head/Dept. of Anaesthesiology)
  • Dr. Imalka Kankanamarachchige (Observer)
  • Dr. Dayakshi Abeyrathne (Observer)
  • Mr. K.T.S.Pushpakumara (Senior Assistant Librarian)
  • Ms. Rasika Hettiarachchi (Assistant Registrar)
  • Mrs. A.S.I. Fernando (Assistant Bursar)
  • Mr. T.K.Jayawardena (Supervisor, Maintenance)
  • Student representatives from each batch


QA Core group members 


  • Prof. T.P.Weerarathne (Dean)
  • Prof. Gayani Alwis (Chairperson/IQAC)
  • Dr. Pabasara Kalansuriya (Secretary/IQAC)
  • Prof. Sampath Gunawardana (Criterion 1)
  • Prof. Eisha Waidyarathne (Criterion 2)
  • Prof. Champika Bodhinayake (Criterion 3)
  • Prof. Lanka Dassanayake (Criterion 4)
  • Dr. Lakmal Fonseka (Criterion 5)
  • Dr. Nayana Liyanarachchi (Criterion 6)
  • Dr. Gayani Punchihewa (Criterion 7)
  • Prof. Madhu Wickramathilake (Criterion 8)    

    ... ................................ .................................................................. .




ser Writing committee


Criterion 1
  • Prof. Sampath Gunawardana (Leader)
  • Dr. U.K.Egodage (Convener)
  • Dr. D. C. Wijewickrema
  • Prof. P. V. De Silva
  • Dr. M. A. G. Iresha
  • Prof. M. D. Hettiarachchi
  • Dr. W. M. D. G. B. Wijayarathna
  • Mrs. D.M.Y. Amarasinghe
Criterion 2
  • Dr. Eisha Waidyarathna (Leader)
  • Dr. Harshani Thabrew (Convener)
  • Dr. A. Karunanayake
  • Dr. Janaka Ruben
  • Dr. T. W. Wijesiri
  • Dr. Dayakshi Abeyrathne
  • Mrs. Renuka Kumarasinghe
Criterion 3
  • Prof. Champika Bodinayake
  • Dr. Warsha De Zoysa (Convener)
  • Prof. N. J. Dahanayake
  • Dr. Chamin Weerasekara
  • Ms. Ranmini Jayaweera
  • Mrs. D. W. S. Damayanthi
Criterion 4
  • Prof. Lanka Dassanayake
  • Dr. Subodha Wickramasinghe (Convener)
  • Prof. T. C. Yahathugoda
  • Prof. K.D. Mahinda
  • Dr. T. G. Liyanage
  • Dr. S. A. C. Senadheera
  • Mrs. Nadeesha Samaranayake
Criterion 5
  • Dr. Lakmal Fonseka (Leader)
  • Dr. D.R. Palangasinghe (Convener)
  • Dr. Dayakshi Abeyrathne
  • Dr. P. L. A. N. Liyanage
  • Mr. Hemajith Tharinda
Criterion 6
  • Prof. Nayana Liyanarachchi(Leader)
  • Dr. K. K. W. J. C. De Silva (Convener)
  • Prof. P. L. G. C. Liyanage
  • Prof. Anoja Attanayake
  • Prof. A. S. Dissanayake
  • Dr. Imalka Kankanamarachchige
  • Mrs. Rohini Alahapperuma
Criterion 7
  • Dr. Gayani Punchihewa (Leader)
  • Dr. I. L. A. N. Darshana (Convener)
  • Prof. M. B. Samarawickrama
  • Dr. P. P. Jayawardena
  • Dr. U. I. Hapuarachchi
  • Mrs. S.K.N Dissanayake
Criterion 8
  • Prof. Madhu Wickramathilaka (Leader)
  • Dr. N.L. De Silva (Convener)
  • Prof. Janaki Warushahennadi
  • Prof. K. A. C. Wickramarathna
  • Dr. P. Kalansuriya
  • Dr. P.A.R.I. Kulathunga
  • Mrs. Surani Fernando



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