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Galle Medical Association

Karapitiya Teaching Hospital

The Teaching Hospital Karapitiya (THK) is the largest Tertiary care centre in Southern Province and it was established in 1982. THK is the main training facility for the Faculty of Medicine. It consist of 1560 beds and 54 wards and several other units. The vission of THK is to provide health care services of highest quality safely meeting the expectations of people. The Mission of the THK is to develop this centre to stand as a fully-fledged modern Health Care centre par excellence that receives referrals from Health Care centres in Southern Province and far beyond; Also to improve the level of resources and facilities for the purpose of training, teaching and research activities, while upgrading the infrastructure that meets accepted international standards.

Avilable Facilities

Medical Units
Surgical Units
Paediatric Units
Psychiatric Units
Cardio Thoracic Unit
GU Unit
Rheumatalogy Unit
Cardiology Unit
Onchology Units
Orthopaedic Units
Neurology Unit
Neuro Surgical Unit
ENT Unit
EYE Units
Dermatology Unit
Gastro Enterology Unit
DXA Scan
Pathology Services
Physiotherapy Services
Radiology Performance - CT, MRI, Cath lab, Ultra Sound, Special Examination (Doppler Scan, USG Biopsy, Mammogram)
Day Centre - Psychiatric
Diabetic Centre
Radio Therapy
Blood Bank
Electro Cardio Laboratory
Haemodialysis Unit
Indoor Dispensary
Outdoor Dispensary

Out Patient Department Out Patient Department consist of Mini Theatre, Emergency Treatment Centre (ETU), Medical Clinic, Paediatric Clinic and Dressing Unit

Clinics - Medical, Surgical, Neuro Surgical, Neurology, Dermatology, Cardiology, Cardiothoracic, Paediactric, Psychiatric, Orthopaedic, ENT, Eye, Respiratory, Immunization , Anti Rabies vaccine, Speech Therapy,

Dental Unit Dental Unit consist of OPD, Maxillo Facial, Orthodontic, Restorative Dental Clinic

Administrative Staff consist of Director, Deputy Director, Administrative Officer, Accountant and Heath Management Assistants. Curative Staff consist of Consultants, Doctors, Nurses and other Supporting Staff.

Faculty of Medicine, PO Box 70, Galle, Sri Lanka.