The undergraduate student teaching, training and evaluation expand in Surgery (mainly), Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Pharmacology curricula.
• Short Clinical Appointment – 02 weeks during the 3rd or 4th year of undergraduate training at Teaching hospitals, Karapitiya and Mahamodra. 5- 6 medical students are under the supervision and guidance of one Consultant Anaesthetist.
• Lecture series – 6- 8 lectures during 4th year within Surgery and Pharmacology teaching.
• Clinical skills training- during 4th year. Hands on training on Basic Life Support and Safe Defibrillation techniques. This is a small group training session.
• Discussion classes- 01 term of discussions during the 13th term. Students conduct the seminar on Anaesthesiology and surgery related topics with the active participation of their colleagues at the audience. Teacher only guides the discussion.
• Ward based teaching- during Professorial Surgery appointment on every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning during the first 07 weeks of the appointment.
• Pre-anaesthetic clinic- students need to present patients and participating in the evaluation procedure.

• 10-12 OSCE stations at the end of Professorial Surgery appointment
• 3-4 MCQs/SBA questions in the Final MBBS Surgery II paper
• One question related to Anaesthesilogy and Critical Care Medicine in the Final MBBS Surgery I paper
• Surgery viva at the Final MBBS examination.