Notice for the Students

Dear students,

The academic activities for the 39th, 41st and 42nd batches are scheduled to be commenced on 17th August 2020 and students are requested to occupy hostels on 15th or 16th August.

I would like to convey a few decisions taken for your own safety.

  1. You are requested to bring all personal sanitary equipment (Eg: Masks/sanitizer/soap)
  2. All the students who have used hostel facilities are kindly requested to report the hostel to vacate the rooms before Friday 14th to reallocate hostel rooms in the proper order to facilitate the smooth functioning of the hostels.
  3. Please note that hostel facilities are provided only for the students those were earlier in the hostels, before the COVID-19 incident.
  4. However, hostel facilities which have already been provided for the students of 37th,38th and 41st will remain the same, but the students of those batches are requested to change their current rooms according to the requests made by the sub warden.
  5. The hostel facilities provided for the girls of 42nd batch will be informed in due course.
  6. Moreover, if any student/s wishes to refrain from using hostel facilities due to the current COVID-19 situation, we would be much grateful if you could inform us in advance, as those vacancies would be important for other students.


Guidelines to follow during hostel stay:

  1. Students should always wash their hands for at least 20 seconds following the correct steps before entering hostels.
  1. Students are encouraged to use common areas of the hostel to a minimum, and if used, doors should be kept open and all the students in the area should properly wear masks at all times.
  2. It is encouraged to keep rooms cleaned and the windows and ventilation inlets open as much as possible.
  3. Only a limited number of vehicles are allowed in the hostel parking area, upon request.
  4. You are requested to inform the sub-warden of your urgent requirements and any illnesses which need immediate attention.
  1. Students should not get down visitors or other students to the hostels.
  2. Other rules and regulations of the hostel remain unchanged.


Thank you

Professor Vasantha Devasiri