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Students’ Feedback Collection


Students can submit your feedback about following areas by filling the space provided. You need not to submit your name or other identification information, but name of your batch (Example - 37 batch) is important, We will monitor your IP address as a measure to avoid spam and repeated submission. Please descriptive as much as possible.

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Question 01

What do you feel about the alignment (relationship) of these three?

(A) Objectives of the subjects and teaching-learning activities.
(B) Teaching-learning activities of the subject and assessment/examinations.
(C) Objectives of the subjects and the assessment/examinations .

Question 02

What do you feel about objectives of the particular subject and possibility of achieving them (Specially, you can comment on this after a main examination like 2nd, 3rd, final MBBS examinations and related to particular subject.)?

Question 03

What do you feel about counselling service, mentoring service and learning environment of the Medical Faculty?

Question 04

Your feedback about any other aspect of Medical Faculty?

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