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Galle Research Network

GaRNet aims to promote and facilitate research among the members of the network and to create an environment which appreciates research.

Regular activities of GaRNet includes

1) Lunch time Discussions: these are discussions, held once a month, based on different aspects of medical research
2) Research Forum: these are discussions based on current research activities of faculty members
3) Annual academic day
4) Workshops

Lunch-Time Discussions conducted in the past
Registering For a Higher Degree - Professor C Liyanage
Literature Search using PubMed - Professor S Lekamwasam
Preparing a Research Proposal - Professor C. Liyanage
Arranging Bibliography using EndNote - Dr KD Mahinda
Calculation of the sample size (three lectures) - Dr WAA Wijayasiri
Sampling methods and selection of controls - Dr PV Vijitha
Quality assurance of data - Professor Chandrani Liyanage

Research Forums held in the past
Sri Lankan Health websites: Quality and Quantity - Dr KD Mahinda
Resistant Hypertension - Dr G Liyanage
Comparison of ADA and WHO criteria for diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) in a population at high risk for type 2 DM - Dr ID Siriwardhana
Vitamin D, PTH and Bone Mineral Density - Dr M Rodrigo
Neonatal thyroid Screening - Dr Manjula Hettiarachchi

Annual Academic Day

The first annual academic day was held on 27th Nov 2007 and series of lectures based on the theme -"Evidence based medicine" was held. Nine free papers were presented. The second annual academic day was held on 18th Nov 2008 and series of lectures based on "Health Economics" was held. Seven free papers were presented. Abstract books and the news letters were published to mark these occasions.
Proceedings 2007, Proceedings 2008, News Letter 2007, News Letter 2008


Two workshops on qualitative research methodology were arranged. Resource persons

1) Dr Bilash Perera, Senior lecturer, Department of Community Medicine and Dr H Rajapaksha, Lecturer, Department of Psychiatry
2) Prof Jeanne Marecek, Department of Psychiatry, Swathmore College, Pennsylvania and Dr Bilash Perera, Senior lecturer, Department of Community Medicine