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The Molecular Genetics Laboratory was established on 27.03.2008 in the Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna., Sri Lanka. Founder members of the Molecular Genetics Laboratory were Professor B.G. Nanayakkara (BDS, PhD), Dr. I. Ilayperuma (BVSc, PhD), Dr. M.B.Samarawickrama (MBBS, MS), Dr. L.B.L.Prabodha (MBBS), Mr. A.P.P.Wattage (ACLT(OUSL) MLT(PSM), Mrs. W. Malani, Mrs. M.KI.U.Gamage (ACLT(OUSL), MLT(PSM), Mrs. K.N.Palahepitiya.


Initiate, promote and facilitate basic research in the field of Molecular Genetics to achieve International & National standards.


  • To carry out Undergraduate, postgraduate & staff training programmes and workshops.
  •   Research functions.
  •   Service functions.

Funding & Donations

  1.  WHO Biennium 2008/2009: SE/SRL/JJF/RB/08/9:3:/APW (Coordinated by Prof. B.G.Nanayakkara & Dr. L.B.L.Prabodha).
  2.   Sri Lanka Medical and Dental Association in United Kingdom, 2008: (Coordinated by Prof. B.G.Nanayakkara).
  3.   National Research Council Grant No: 09/07, 2010-2013 (Coordinated by Dr. N.V.Chandrasekaran & Dr. L.B.L.Prabodha).
  4. Donation of equipments obtained by TWAS Grant (Third World Academy of Sciences) by Dr. I.Ilayperuma in 2008.