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Graduate Profile of the MBBS Degree Programe

Aims of the Faculty of Medicine

In line with the vision of the university, the Faculty of Medicine has set itself the following aims for its degree program

1. To be an outstanding internationally respected academic centre of excellence while affirming its Sri Lankan identity.

2. To contribute significantly to the health manpower of the country.

3. To graduate well motivated competent doctors to serve society in any part of the country.

4. To encourage life long learning among students.

5. To motivate the academic staff to develop their careers and pursue research.

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of the MBBS degree offered by the Faculty of Medicine, the students should

1. Have developed positive attitudes towards patients the community and other members of the health team.

2. Be motivated to serve the people of Sri Lanka.

3. Have perception of the ethical issues relating to individual doctor-patient relationships, interaction with other health professionals and society.

4. Have the desire and capability to maintain professional standards.

5. Be able to diagnose treat and prevent diseases common in Sri Lanka and manage medical emergencies with the resources available.

6. Be able to recognize serious diseases in the early stages.

7. Be aware of the limitations of their professional skills and available facilities and be able to recognize conditions where referral is necessary.

8. Be able to carry out basic medico-legal procedures.

9. Have a knowledge of managerial skills required to administer health institutions and health teams and be able to take a leadership roles when necessary.

10. Have the knowledge and skill to deliver primary health care.

11. Be aware of the principles of behavioural sciences as applied to health and the practice of medicine.

12. Be aware of the alternative systems of medicine practiced in the country.

13. Be capable of continuing self-learning.