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 Molecular Genetics Laboratory (MGL)- Department of Anatomy
The Molecular Genetics Laboratory was established on 27.03.2008 in the Department of Anatomy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna., Sri Lanka. Founder members of the Molecular Genetics Laboratory were Professor B.G. Nanayakkara (BDS, PhD), Dr. I. Ilayperuma (BVSc, PhD), Dr. M.B.Samarawickrama (MBBS, MS), Dr. L.B.L.Prabodha (MBBS), Mr. A.P.P.Wattage (ACLT(OUSL) MLT(PSM), Mrs. W. Malani, Mrs. M.KI.U.Gamage (ACLT(OUSL), MLT(PSM), Mrs. K.N.Palahepitiya. More
 Filariasis Research, Training and Service Unit - Department of Parasitology
The Unit was established in August 2005 with the approval of the University Grants Commission in recognition of continuous field and laboratory research on lymphatic filariasis (LF) carried out by the Department of Parasitology for a period of seventeen years headed by Professor Mirani V. Weerasooriya. Professor Weerasooriya is the founder head of the Unit. This is the only research unit in LF established in the university system in Sri Lanka and the first research unit established in University of Ruhuna.More
 Clinical Neuroscience Centre - Department of Medicine
Clinical Neuroscience Centre is established with generous grants from Sri Lanka Medical Association of North America, Australia-Sri Lanka Aid which was coordinated by Prof. P L Ariyananda, Senior Professor in Medicine when he was the Dean of Faculty of Medicine, other well wishers also have donated funds as well as material.More
 Molecular Science and Biomedical Unit (MSBU)
With the advances in molecular biology, most of the common disorders like infectious, diseases, immune system related diseases, autoimmune diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancers are being widely investigated for its causation. In addition, the knowledge of the cellular and molecular biology has been widely applied in diagnostic and therapeutic tools. Thus, analysis of biochemicals, chromosomes and chromosomes and cells involved in immune mechanisms play a major role in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. More
 Community Ophthalmology Centre and Vision Laboratory - Department of Community Medicine
Community Eye Services by the Community Ophthalmology Centre of the Department of Community Medicine.In charge:- Prof. Saman Wimalasundera.
 Nuclear Medicine Unit (NMU)
The Nuclear Medicine Unit of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna was officially established in November 1991 with the approval from the University Grants Commission. Subsequently, the radioimmunoassay (RIA) laboratory was re-organized in 1997 as part of a research project titled 'Nuclear techniques in improvement of nutrition and diagnosis'. Following this on an agreement made with the Ministry of Health and the Atomic Energy Authority to provide the reagents and the technical support, the NMU established a radiodiagnostic service on thyroid and reproductive hormones. This service function was started in October 1998, for the inward and out patients of the Southern Province and extended to the patients sent from the private hospitals on clinician's requests.More
 Information Technology Unit
The Information technology unit was established as a supporting unit of the faculty of medicine. The unit has been providing various services to staff and students of the faculty. The unit located in the second floor of the administrative block.More