Post Graduate program

Postgraduate opportunities are available in the department.

Please contact

Head    Dr. Amaranath Karunanayaka


Address :         Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, PO Box 70, Galle, Sri Lanka

Tel :     General line – (+94) 091 2234801/3 Ext 350

Direct line – (+94) 091 2246871

Fax :    General – (+94) 091 2222314

Ongoing Post Graduate Studies

Principal supervisor Study area candidate Title of the study
Prof Sampath Gunawardena MPhil in Sports Physiotherapy


A. D. C. S. Senevirathna Effect of core stability training on physical performance and knee jerk

reflex in army male rugby players in Sri Lanka


Prof Sampath Gunawardena PhD in Sports & Exercise Medicine


S. T. Thebuwanaarachchi Evaluation of integrated therapeutic measures on functional and

psychological, outcomes in athletes with iliotibial band syndrome: An interventional study


Prof Sampath Gunawardena Y. H. S. De Silva Effectiveness of myofascial release and kinesio taping for pain relief and

rehabilitation of bicipital tendinopathy related anterior shoulder complains