Deparment of Mediciene, Faculty of Medicine,
University of Ruhuna, Karapitiya, Galle.


Welcome to this self-assessment module on “Clinical problem solving by step by step”. This module contains 10 case scenarios in different systems. Each scenario is based on a clinical problem and has 10 steps. After a brief description on either clinical features or an investigation report, a question is asked. Answers to each question are given as responses in a multiple-choice question. You have to select the correct and incorrect response/s separately. When the question is asked as the most likely or select the most suitable, only a one response is correct and the rest are incorrect. But, sometimes when the question is asked as select the suitable responses, obviously there can be more than one correct response. Therefore, read the question carefully and decide how many correct answers can be there, for a given question. To start the module first you have to a select the scenario from the 10 different links at the under the quiz menu. Once you select a system the questions in each system starts with 1 and goes up to 10. Once you attempt and submit your answer, you will be given your score for the particular step and you can also view a short description on the correct answers. The total mark for the given whole problem is also given at the end of each case scenario. I hope you would enjoy this self-assessment module and please send your comments to further improve this kind of teaching activity to

By Professor Thilak Weerarathna