Surgery is a subject which is highly practical, complex and involves many safety issues which need consideration in training of Medical students or doctors to engage in practicing it. Based on the above, training involves operation theatre exposure, hands-on surgical experience as well as attending endoscopy sessions in addition to ward and clinic based training which is common to all clinical subjects.  Special emphasis is on development of conceptual, critical and reflective thinking skills as well as on psychomotor skills and mental stability which are all important in challenging areas of surgical practice.

Many academic surgical departments direct their innovations and research towards solving National and international problems.  The research done also depend on the individual interests of academic members.  The process may involve other national and international partners.  The focus of Department of Surgery, University of Ruhuna (DOS-UOR) has concentrated on providing efficient surgical care in developing settings.  As the only regional academic surgical unit, DOS-UOR was in the best possible position to understand local problems and developing effective and economical remedies.  This has led to innovation and adaption of many techniques and systems which has given much satisfaction for academics and benefited patients.  Similar outlook and actions by most of the departments of Faculty of Medicine has earned unenviable reputation for University of Ruhuna within the Southern Province as a Centre of Excellence which has been close to lives of the regional public.



Transform undergraduate of Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna, Galle, Sri Lanka to doctors who are capable of delivering safe, effective, efficient and economical care for surgical illnesses under any kind of circumstances.


Produce innovative, competent and caring doctors proficient in managing surgical conditions in Southern Province, Sri Lanka and the world at large.