Department of Paediatrics, Faculty of Medicine University of Ruhuna is committed to provide Undergraduate Teaching in Paediatrics. The Clinical Unit of the department is housed in Ward 1 of the Teaching Hospital, Karapitiya. Staff members of the department provide honorary clinical services to the University Paediatric Unit of Teaching Hospital Karapitiya, the premier Tertiary Care Hospital of the Southern Province. Academic members also contribute to the Nursing Degree programme as visiting lecturers for the Faculty of Allied Health Science, University of Ruhuna and the Para clinical department in conducting integrated clinical sessions and examining students. Our teaching programme is popular among foreign elective medical students.
Our department members contribute to the administrative activities in the University and the Faculty in a great deal. At present, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Ruhuna and the Dean are members of our department. Members of our department also serve on numerous national and international committees and organizations dedicated to developing research and formulation of health policies in Sri Lanka.