Continuous medical education programme by the Department of Pharmacology

  1. Hypertension- 19.06.2020 – Dr. Sahan Mendis
  2. Heart Failure – 09.07.2020 –  Dr. Sahan Mendis

Peer assisted learning

The Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna took a step forward in implementing the Peer Assisted Learning methods in the revision programme for 3rd MBBS part II Pharmacology repeat students (37th batch) to facilitate their learning for the repeat exam.

Peer tutors selected were asked to make simple notes on what they were going to teach students and their accuracy and clarity were checked by the academic staff and further guidance was given. So, the professional teacher passes the responsibility of teaching to the student whilst remaining responsible for the strategy and the accuracy of the content that is shared. This results in standardization of the programme and both peer tutor and tutee benefit from the expertise of the professional teacher. The classes were conducted at the department skills lab. At the end, the academic members clarified any questions the students had and several mcqs and essay questions were discussed on the topics that were taught.