Action plan 2021-2022

Promoting Innovation among Academic staff members and students of Faculty of Medicine – Galle 2021/2022
Technology Transfer Cell – Faculty of Medicine,University of Ruhuna


Why we need to promote innovation among academics and students?

Medicine is a rapidly and continuously evolving field and day by day medical community is facing new challenges. Therefore, a solution which was once applicable, will be of no use in the face of changing. Innovation increases the chances to react to changes and discover new opportunities. In the field of commercialization, it can also help foster competitive advantage as it allows individuals/ organizations to build better products and services for the customers. In the field of Medicine, the ultimate goal of health innovation is to improve our ability to meet public and personal healthcare needs and demands by optimizing the performance of the health system. Therefore, innovation is a dire need of the future healthcare. Innovation can be defined as invention + adoption + diffusion. Successful innovations often possess two key qualities: they are both usable and desirable.

Outcome objective:

To promote innovation among academic staff members and students of Faculty of Medicine, Galle To educate/ ensure academic staff members and students about the functions of TTC in promoting innovations/ ways TTC can help them

Specific objectives:
  1. To have an online workshop series for staff (academic, non-academic) and students on invention & innovation.
  2. Establishment of “Idea hub”.
  3. Maintaining a web page at faculty web site.
  4. Establishment of a mentoring program.