Terms of Reference (TOR) of Technology Transfer Cell (TTC) Committee

Purpose & Scope The main role of the TTC is to function as the connecting body between Technology Transfer Office (TTO) of University of Ruhuna and innovators of the Faculty of Medicine and to facilitate the staff and students to translate new and innovative research into commercially viable products or services.
• Enhance the positive attitudes of academic members and undergraduate students towards technology transfer and commercialization
• Involve in active screening of potential products for patenting or commercialization in the faculty
• Encourage faculty staff members and students for the development, disclosure and protection of the University intellectual properties in the faculty
• Involve in continuous education in technology transfer stream in the faculty
• Support research partnerships to commercialize the inventions from the faculty members through TTO
• Maintain documentation of monthly activities of the TTC
• Provide information requested by the TTO and cooperate with TTO in order to operate its activities efficiently.
• Facilitate the process of ‘Technology transfer’, also called transfer of technology (TOT); the process of transferring (disseminating) technology from the person or organization that owns or holds it to another person or organization.
To whom shall the committee report To the Faculty Board and to the TTO
Procedure of Appointing The Faculty Board shall appoint the TTC according to the composition laid down. The chairperson will be the faculty coordinator to the TTO and the secretary and Deputy Coordinator shall be selected from the academic members of the faculty with the recommendation of the faculty board.
Composition a) Chairperson of TTC
b) Deputy Chairperson of TTC
c) Secretary of TTC
d) Minimum of two other members interested in innovations and inventions
Selection of members By the Faculty Board
Duration of the term 3 year for all members
Meetings TTC of the Faculty shall meet and will be chaired by the Chairperson. The number of meetings per year shall be not less than six.
Storage of documents,
transfer of documents
after the completion of the term
All documents related to technology transfer will be catalogued and stored in the office room/with the secretary of the TTC.

Handing over of these should be done at the end of the term of the secretary
Guidelines/SOPs Line of communication
1. TTC approves and send to the Faculty Board related to the activities organized by TTC
2. After the approval from the Faculty Board, TTC sends the documents to the TTO related to the activities organized by TTC
3. TTC Shall forward the documents and applications related to the intellectual property and process of commercialization directly to the TTO.
4. TTO prepares the final document with the comments of the TTO board of management meeting to be sent to the council.