The Medical Education and Staff Development Unit (ME&SDU) of the Faculty of Medicine, Galle was established in December 2000.  The unit is the main body, which support and oversee the development of the medical curriculum in the Faculty and supporting the staff development activities for academic and nonacademic staff.

The goal of the unit at its inception is to enable and empower members of the Staff of the Faculty of Medicine, in enhancing their knovOedge, skills and attitudes in areas of teaching and evaluation, research and management, so that they can contribute positively and meaningfully, towards the development of the Faculty, University of Ruhuna and the nation and also to provide consultancy & advisory services in educational technology. In seeking to address its mission: the ME & SDU has sought many ways of enhancing the knowledge base of Is staff through various training programs.
In addition to the normal activities, it is the main body, which coordinates the Foundation Module which include soft skills and English and Active Citizen Programme. It also supports the curriculum revision process (Revision 2020) which is coordinated by the Curriculum Revision Comma-tee. Currently it plays a major role in introducing an enhanced strand on ‘Professional and Personal Development”