General Information

Admission Eligibility

All applicants must be registered students of a recognized medical school.

Applications should be made on the prescribed form together with a supporting letter from Dean/Elective Co-ordinator or a competent authority of your facility.

Address the letter to ‘Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna’. Access the online application and follow instructions.

Please note that the supporting letter is mandatory to process your application.

Elective Appointments

Applications for elective appointments in any discipline within the curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna.

Elective appointments currently available for application are mentioned.

Elective postings are on a weekly basis commencing on a Monday. The exact dates for any particular elective posting should be supplied with the application form.

Admission to a relevant appointment depends on whether the Head of the Department concerned is able to provide the necessary facilities or supervision during the requested period.


Non refundable registration fee – 25 USD in order to cover the cost of processing your application and to submit the documents to the relevant offices.

Tuition fee – 50 USD should be payed per week. (Eg: for 4 weeks 50×4 = 200 USD).

Both these payments have to pay on arrival to the Faculty.


Entry Visa

Please note that you cannot do the elective with tourist visa category.

Students are advised to adhere to the visa requirement stipulated by the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka. Based on the current recommendations students should use one of the following visa categories to enter the country.

You are eligible to obtain visa in the ‘Business visa category’ under ‘Short term training programmes’ ONLY if your training period is less than 30 DAYS.

If the period of training is lesser than 30 DAYS: obtain Business visa online (short term training programmes) using the Electronic Travel Authorization(ETA) system. Visit ( for more information. Kindly note that Business visa obtained under this category CANNOT BE EXTENDED and student cannot remain in the country after the expiry of visa.

Therefore, purchase your departure ticket before the expiry of 30-day visa.

If the period of training is more than 30 days: obtain ‘Entry visa’ given for one month to enter the country. This can be arranged by the services provided by the Faculty of Medicine (follow the online application process. When your request is approved by the faculty board you will be informed and will be instructed how to proceed).

You have to get this Entry visa from the Sri Lankan High Commission / Embassy / Consulate. We will initiate the process of obtaining this visa. The University will process your documents and the supporting documents which include Dean’s approval, Vice Chancellor’s approval and finally Higher Education Ministry approval. Once the approve from all the levels are obtained, the visa application would be sent to the Department of Immigration & Emigration Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka High Commission / Embassy / Consulate which was indicated in your online application. You will need to go to respective Sri Lanka High Commission / Embassy / Consulate to collect your visa. You need to pay your visa fee at that time. Amount of the visa fee you need to find out from respective Sri Lanka High Commission / Embassy / Consulate.

Please attach a scanned copy of your current passport bio-data page (your photograph, name, DOB, country, etc. included page) in the online application. It is essential to provide the details of the Sri Lankan High Commission / Embassy / Consulate (city and the country) from which you are planning to obtain visa with the online application. This information is essential to process your Entry + Resident visa.

Please note that, the Department of Immigration & Emigration Sri Lanka informed us that we can send the document to your High Commission / Embassy / Consulate only within one month of the expected date of departure, and not before.

Booking the return ticket to your country

Please be informed that the air ticket of departure from Sri Lanka should be purchased on or before the finishing date of the elective appointment. We may not be able to recommend a longer stay for visa due to the regulations of the Immigration Department, and will not be responsible for such actions.

Visa Extension to Residence Visa

This Entry visa (arranged through the faculty) can be extended to ‘Residence visa’ to cover the rest of the training period. Currently, a payment of 20,000 LKR is required for this extension. Documents needed for the visa extension will be provided by the Faculty.

It is preferred to obtain the Visa extension through a faculty representative and information and the dates of such arrangements could be obtained from the Dean’s Office. We have arranged such service every two weeks from the faculty.

Please ask for the specific dates where such arrangements are made, and prepare your relevant documents with the payment of 20,000 LKR. you will be given details about this process at the Dean’s office.


The students are expected to obtain their own medical, dental and travel insurance. Any minor medical needs will be attended to by the University medical staff.

Climate and clothing

For the clinical appointments the students should wear decent clothing with lab coats.

Wear your respective University Identity Card.

Galle is in the Wet Zone. The climate is tropical and humid. Two monsoons (May/August and October/January) and occasional inter-monsoonal showers bring wet weather. Late December to February is cool at night. Clothing should be light, cotton. An umbrella and raincoat will come useful.

Meeting time

At Office – 8.00 am to 1.00 pm.

On Arrival – Necessities

Passport with appropriate visa.

University Identity Card.

Proof of payment for document processing charges.

Payment for total number of weeks of elective.

Return ticket with departure within 2 days of last date on elective.

Lab coats for clinical appointments.

On Visa Extension-Necessities


Copy of passport bio-data page.

One personal colour photograph.

Visa extension application (from Office).

Recommendation letter (from Office).


Galle is a coastal town in southern Sri Lanka famous for its golden sandy beaches with warm and gentle seas. It attracts a large number of tourists during the winter months in Europe usually October to March/April. Scuba diving, wreck diving, surfing and coral reefs with myriads of colourful tropical fish attract many visitors.

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