How to apply

How to apply

Please go through the information given under the “Elective Program” in the Faculty webpage and Fill the online application with the required information, attach a recent photograph(.jpg format) and submit together with a supporting letter from your Dean, elective coordinator or a competent authority (.pdf format). Please note that the supporting letter is mandatory to process your application. Any inquiries please email

Inquire about application

The process of application will be taken 4-6 weeks. You may inquire about the progress of your application after 6 weeks of submitting the application.When making inquiries about the progress of your application, please provide the following information.

1. Method of submitting the application:
2. Date of sending the application
3. The subjects requested
4. The period of the elective
5. Previous correspondence with us

After arrival

When you arrive in the Faculty of Medicine, Galle you should first report to the Dean’s office located in the main administrative building. We expect you to report to the Dean’s office around 8.30am on a weekday. A secretary will attend to the initial paperwork and make arrangements for you to pay money either in USD or Sri Lankan Rupees. This process may take 1-2 hours and once the documents are completed you will be directed to meet the Head of the Department to begin your training.

Payment of fees

You can make your payments in USD or Sri Lankan Rupees.