Support Fund

To print the student support service hand book; Student Diary, every year. To introduce a financial support system for students in need.


Funds collected by selling the ‘Student Diary’. Donations from well wishers (alumni, expatriates and others).

Once a substantial amount is collected, it can be placed in a fixed deposit and the interest generated used to provide financial support to the students.


A committee comprising four academic staff members (including at least one student counselor and one preclinical academic) appointed by the Faculty Board will be responsible for the administration of the SSSF. The fund will be administered through the Deputy Bursar and the Senior Assistant Registrar/Faculty of Medicine.

Financial Assistance through the SSSF

The number of scholarships provided will be decided every year depending on the interest earned from the fixed deposit. Rs. 1500/= to 2500/= per month will be paid until the student completes the final MBBS examination or becomes ineligible or disqualified to be a scholarship holder from the scheme. Students can apply for short term financial support any time during the year. Applicants should forward the applications together with documentary evidence to substantiate their application.

Eligibility Criteria

This scheme is available only for undergraduates registered for the medical course of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna.
Categories of students who may be considered for assistance under this scheme include.
a. Parental income is substantially insufficient to support the students’ expenses.
b. Parental income is just above the cut off making the student ineligible for bursary.
c. Ill health of the student or of an immediate family member leading to financial difficulties.
d. Unexpected and new developments causing financial strain.
e. Indebtedness of parents such as long term housing loans from recognized institutions.

Identification of students in need

Students can obtain application forms from the SSS and apply directly. Students may be referred by Dean, mentors or Student Counselors. Together with the duly filled application, documentary evidence to substantiate the need for financial support should be submitted.

Method of selection of students

All students who apply will be interviewed by a panel of academic staff members including the committee appointed for the administration of the SSSF. The selection panel will seek advice from the Dean if it is necessary. A point scheme will be used to score the candidates and to prioritize.

Criteria for disqualification/ineligibility

Assistance under this scheme will be discontinued or suspended by the Committee for SSSF in consultation with the Dean for the following reasons.

  1. If the student conducts himself in an undisciplined manner.

  2. If the student fails to sit for an examination (2nd, 3rd and Final MBBS) for a reason other than on medical grounds.

  3. If a student has been referred at 2nd or 3rd MBBS examinations and fails to complete it in the next 2 consecutive attempts.

  4. If the student fails to attend teaching learning activities where attendance is compulsory for a reason other than medical grounds. The Committee at its discretion may suspend assistance from the scheme temporarily.

  5. It the committee finds that the details provided by the applicant are false.