Guidelines for academic activities of students from areas designated as high risk for COVID-19

1. Though the geographical limits of high risk areas is evolving, for student purposes, all students who have travelled to Galle from Gampaha district will be considered as having travelled from a high risk area. All of these students must immediately inform the Dean’s office that’s they belong to the high risk group.

2. All these students should not join group learning activities including lectures, practicals, tutorials and clinicals.

3. They need to isolate themselves in the hostel rooms. Hostel wardens will try to accommodate them in single rooms. They will attend to zoom based lectures from the rooms:

4. They should not be visiting the canteen for food. Faculty will make arrangements for food to be delivered to them.

5. They are not permitted to return home to high risk areas till health authorities give permission.

6. Arrangements will be made by the faculty with support from the regional epidemiologist and the MOH to carry out PCR tests in these students.

7. Those who are staying in outside boarding houses must remain there without coming to faculty. When their details are provided to the Dean’s office PCR testing arrangements will be made.

Professor Vasantha Devasiri.
Dean Faculty of Medicine,
University of Ruhuna.