Medical Elective Program in Asia
Ruhuna Medical School, Sri Lanka

Ruhuna Medical School is a leading Medical School in Sri Lanka and has come a long way to become one of the best medical schools in South Asia. Quality of the graduates is second to none of the graduates from other medical schools in the world. Probable the best place to do your elective studies on tropical medicine or other specialities in medicine.
Ruhuna Medical School offers many elective opportunities in preclinical, para-clinical and clinical subjects. Training units for preclinical, para-clinical subjects and Medicine, Paediatrics, Surgery and Psychiatry are located in Karapitiya, 4km away from Galle city while Gynaecology & Obstetrics unit is located in Mahamodara, very close to Galle city.

General Information

1. General Information about University
Visit the website of the University of Ruhuna for general information.

2. Admission eligibility
All applicants must be registered students of a recognized medical school. Applications should be made on the prescribed form (download here) through the Dean of the Medical School of the prospective student to the Dean, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna.

3. Electives
Applications for elective appointments in any discipline within the curriculum of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna and the specialties available in the Teaching Hospital, Galle, are entertained. Elective postings are on a weekly basis commencing on a Monday. The exact date for any particular elective posting should be supplied with the application form as admission depends on whether the Head of the Department concerned is able to provide the necessary facilities or supervision during the requested period.

US $ 50 per week

5. Insurance
The students are expected to obtain their own medical, dental and travel insurance. Any minor medical needs will be attended to by the University medical staff.

6. Climate and clothing
Galle is in the Wet Zone. The climate is tropical and humid. Two monsoons (May/August and October/January) and occasional intermonsoonal showers bring wet weather. Late December to February is cool at night. Clothing should be light, cotton. Umbrellas and raincoats will come in useful.

7. Recreation
Galle is a coastal town in southern Sri Lanka famous for its golden sandy beaches with warm and gentle seas. It attracts a large number of tourists during the winter months in Europe, usually October to March/April. Scuba diving, wreck diving, surfing and coral reefs with myriads of colourful tropical fish attract many visitors.The Folk Museum in Koggala helps you to learn about Sri Lanka life and culture. The place was surrounded by a restored ecosystem planted with hundreds of varieties of indigenous trees and shrubs in which bird life abounds. National Maritime Museum in Galle displays a variety of exhibits connected with sea-faring, maritime trade, fishing and sea-life.
In your free time, you can visit tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, few suggestions are Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Mihintale, Sigiriya, Dambula and Kandy. Main rain forest in Sri Lanka, SINHARAJA FOREST is located 50 Km away from Galle. You can use public transports, bus or train.

8. Accommodation
Two options: Use faculty guest rooms or use outside private accommodation. 10 guest rooms are located inside the faculty premises. Details and application form. A list of outside private accommodation will be sent to you via E mail after confirmation of the placement.

9. Immigration
Immigration laws of this country require that visitors show evidence of possession of sufficient funds for their maintenance during their stay in Sri Lanka. For further information, visit the website of the Departement of Immigration & Emigration (www.immigration.gov.lk)

10. Registration
If your application is accepted by this Faculty, you could pay the fees on arrival in Sri Lanka, to the Deputy Bursar of the Faculty of Medicine. For further information, contact
The Assistant Registrar,
Faculty of Medicine,
P.O.Box 70,

Telephone: +94 91 2234801, 91 2234803, 91 22 34730-1, 91 2232321 Fax: +94 91 2222314 E-mail: deanmedruh@sltnet.lk

Here Galle in the map

Faculty of Medicine, PO Box 70, Galle, Sri Lanka. Telephone: +94 91 2234801, 91 2234803, 91 22 34730-1, 91 2232321 Fax: +94 91 2222314 E-mail: deanmedruh@sltnet.lk