MBBS Undergraduate Programme

Graduate profile – Following completion of the MBBS, the graduates should be able to

  1. Demonstrate knowledge on structure and function of the human body, their inter-relationships in patient care and disease prevention.

  2. Diagnose, manage and follow up individuals with health related conditions.

  3. Deliver primary health care taking into consideration the social, cultural, environmental and economic characteristics of the individual and the society.

  4. Demonstrate respect to patients, their relatives, the community and other members of the healthcare team with an understanding of medical ethics.

  5. Demonstrate professionalism while working with patients, community members and the healthcare team.

  6. Communicate effectively with patients, relatives, care givers, members of the healthcare team and the community.

  7. Carry out reflective practices, self-appraisal, audit and research with a view to improving their professional skills.

  8. Work as a team member and a leader in a healthcare institution and manage health care teams and resources efficiently and effectively.

  9. Recognize complexities and uncertainties in practice and be capable of taking responsibility for his/her actions.

  10. Carry out basic medico-legal procedures.

  11. Demonstrate self-learning, lifelong learning, analytical and critical thinking, reasoning and decision making skills.

  12. Take appropriate measures to ensure their personal safety, physical and mental wellbeing.

  13. Demonstrate skills related to information and communication technology and information literacy.