Ruhuna Medical School Alumni Association

The RUMSAA was first established in 1997. It has come to its adolescence age. There were lot of people which include alumni and teachers who looked after RUMSAA during its infancy and childhood. The President and the present committee is grateful for all of them for the vision, courage, creativity and the patients they have shown in bringing up RUMSAA to the level as it stands today. Up to now this faculty has produced over 2700 doctors, which is a tremendous contribution to the health system in the country. It is of concern that there are a significant number of alumni in this university who are yet to be members of the RUMSAA. We need our entire strength to make RUMSAA a powerful youth who can stand proudly as an organization to help each other, to support present students, to improve the quality of health care in the country.

The RUMSAA urgently needed a better system of communication to achieve its goal. The opening of RUMSAA website will provide a forum for the members to communicate and give their valuable contribution to uplift RUMSAA. Regular publication of newsletter will also help for alumni to have an idea about the activities of RUMSAA. I request all of you to communicate through this link.