Service Functions

  1. Faculty main web site URL –
  2. LMS URL –
    A Learning Management System is a web-based application that allows educational institutions to provide the target beneficiaries with informational content and educational resources. It is an effective and responsive way for academics to create, deliver, and manage their content, as well as monitor participation and assess performance among learners. Altogether academic staff and students have their own user accounts to access the system.
  3. MIS URL –
    Faculty use FMEMIS (Faculty of Medicine Management Information System) for student examination registration and manage student’s personal and academic details. All academic staff, administrative staff and students are able to access the FMEMIS through our network.
  4. Kaspersky security server
    Centralized server is used to manage the security of the all computers in the Faculty.
  5. Elective Student System URL –
    Faculty of Medicine, Galle is a popular destination for Elective students worldwide to study in Elective appointments in various specialties and has. Since beginning of the Elective programme in 2016 Staff of the ITU was directly involved in developing an online elective student’s registration system / application system, so that the students could upload their application using the online portal. Therefore, on 2016-05-31 the elective student registration has been fully converted as an online system. From 2016-05-31 onwards we have received more than 2600 submissions from worldwide, especially from United Kingdom and Germany.
    After student submit the application to ITU, Data Entry Operator is involving the visa process, by communicating between University of Ruhuna, Ministry of Higher education, Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka and student until student reach to the Sri Lanka.
  6. Web site of the Ethical review committee. URL –
  7. Wi-Fi internet Service
    This server is facilitating to all above users of the Faculty to access the internet through Wi-Fi connection
  8. Wired internet service This server is facilitating to all above users of the Faculty to access the internet through wired network connection
  9. Application software / System software related troubleshooting in entire Faculty.
  10. Conducts Introductory IT course for the student.
  11. Conduct workshops for both academic and nonacademic staff of the Faculty
  12. Manage Network Structure (Configure services, Extend, repair, troubleshoot).