The International Editor of Clinical Medicine by Royal College of Physicians London

Dr. Arosha Dissanayake from the Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ruhuna has recently been appointed as the first ever enternational Editor of ‘’Clinical Medicine’’( Clin Med) ,the prestigious medical journal published by the Royal College of Physicians(RCP), UK.

The following is an extract from the RCP global newsletter announcing the appointment.
‘’We’re delighted to welcome Dr Arosha Dissanayake to this key role on our board. Arosha, who is the RCP regional international adviser for Sri Lanka and president elect of the Ceylon College of Physicians, is a consultant physician at Karapitiya Teaching Hospital and teaches at University of Ruhuna.
Commenting on the milestone, Dr Arosha Dissanayake said
‘My mission is to enhance the recognition, representation and relevance of Clin Med in the global medical community . So that it will become a game changer in the quest for global medical excellence. The RCP is a truly iconic brand with a global outlook and influence and Clin Med will follow suit.’